Brian Mills

Brian Mills stretch therapy

Brian Mills


  • Position: Mobile Flexologist Stretch Therapy
  • Specialty: Address muscle imbalance, reduce stress on joints, improve flexibility and range of motion
  • Language: English
  • Phone: Pain Clinic 603 730-5356


About the Author-Flexologist

Brian S. Mills developed weight problems as a collegiate wrestler when frequent yo-yo dieting in preparation for matches began to affect his BMI. His experiences with bariatric surgery and postsurgical weight maintenance inspired him to write Heart Healthy Diet.

The former owner of a Boston-based physical therapy company, Mills retired to North Conway, New Hampshire, where he lives with his wife, two sons, and Brady, the golden retriever. A longtime coach for many different sports, Mills continues to coach the Kennett High School football team. His passions include hiking, skiing, traveling, and spending time with his family.

I started to work at Cramore Fitness to help with personal training and PNF stretch, Helping my clients recover quicker. With my background in physical therapy, it was a great fit.

Well, COVID hit, and that stopped that. So we moved to Flordia. I started to work for Stretch Zone in Naples, FL. I loved the job, meeting new people, and helping with their fitness and rehab needs. Long story short, we moved back. Thank God. Too hot... That's when it hit me to start Stretch Therapy. I hope we can help in your journey in life. REACH FOR IT!!!

Brian Mills stretch therapy
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