Zackary Chase CRNA

Zack Chase Pain Management

Zackary Chase CRNA, FNP


  • Position: Pain Management Specialist
  • Specialty: Sports related pain and injury, migraine,
  • Language: English
  • Phone:  603 730-5356


Zachary Chase is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist (CRNA, FNP) who attended Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania training exclusively at Geisinger. After I graduated in 2014 I spent 2 years working for a private all CRNA group in the greater Bangor and Bar Harbor area. I then returned to the Mount Washington valley where I started and directed Memorial Hospital’s department of Anesthesiology. 

I am extremely eager to start building my patient network here at Cranmore Health Partners. I have cared for many in the valley in my previous position at the hospital however I have now transitioned to CHP to focus more on my passion, Pain Management and Chronic Pain. 

I have a particular focus in sports related pain/injuries and helping people get back on their feet and active again. There are too many people in this valley suffering daily with chronic pain which they have been led to believe they will have to live with. At CHP we have the combined ability to manage/optimize patient medication regimens and implement interventional pain procedures. I am grateful that Kelly’s interventional pain facility here at CHP is second to none. We have the ability to perform advanced nerve ablations on a daily basis. These procedures are typically only offered at larger hospitals. These methods of treating nerve pain provide months to years of pain relief.  I also have a vested interest in the management of migraine headaches. I personally have suffered from migraine headaches since I was 11 years old and am very excited to say that in the last 4 years there have been breakthroughs in the field offering an array of various orally disintegrating tabs, and monthly injections which can be life-altering to people suffering daily or weekly from these horrible headaches. 

When I am not working, I am often coaching or playing sports with my wife Marissa and our four children aged 7-4 years old. 


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